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No Trump Supporters And Fair Housing

Many jurisdictions, such as DC, have their own fair housing law. These laws often include additional protected classes not found in the Federal Fair Housing Act, such as, inter alia, marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, source of income. DC also protects against discrimination on the basis of political affiliation. In light of this, does refusing to Read More

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Condominium/Homeowner Associations and Fair Housing

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of a person’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status or disability in connection with, inter alia, the sale or rental of housing, as well as the imposition of different terms and conditions in connection therewith. Most people seem to understand, and expect, that these fair housing principles apply in the rental housing Read More

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Tribute to my dad

Three years ago, today, I lost a very important person in my life – my dad. However, it was not just I and my family who lost an important person; the world of housing, particularly the world of affordable housing, also lost an important person. My dad, Carl A. S. Coan, Jr., who worked up Read More

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New HUD Guidance

On April 4, 2016, HUD’s Office of General Counsel issued a document entitled Office of General Counsel Guidance on Application of Fair Housing Act Standards to the Use of Criminal Records by Providers of Housing and Real Estate-Related Transactions (the “Guidance”). The Guidance discusses how disparate impact and disparate treatment methods of proof may apply Read More

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